10 days ago I scanned a few old pictures to compare myself with my younger sibling, and now look what it started! I have not stopped scanning photos since! That little task got me motivated to pull out my 2 giant boxes of old pictures and start organizing and scanning them into digital photos. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but could never quite face the daunting task!

So far I have scanned almost 500 photographs, and still have thousands left to go. I suspect I will run out of motivation before I finish them all, but my first goal was to pull out all the photos I could find of me. This wasn’t too big of a chore, since once I hit my teenage years I started hiding from cameras, and there aren’t all that many photos beyond my grade school days.

I managed to find most of my school pictures, although a few years are missing. Try not to make fun of me! (Click the first picture to open the gallery full-size)