Deity Dad?

A Rendering of Zeus (with my Dad’s actual face superimposed, LOL!)

So for the past week my car has been giving me trouble. Anyone who knows me well is probably nodding their head right now, because I am notoriously unlucky with vehicles… hell with just about any mechanical or electrical device! Any sufficiently advanced piece of technology that I own will inevitably end up dying before it’s normal lifespan, because I am just cursed. I think I was meant to live in the stone ages, LOL.

After a week of my transmission acting up and getting decidedly worse each day, it finally died completely. Replacing or rebuilding a transmission can cost thousands of dollars (that I definitely don’t have) so I was in a bit of a panic! Enter “Mr. Fix-it Extraordinaire”; aka my Dad, Carlos. He’s famous among his friends and family for being a jack-of-all-trades who doesn’t believe anything is beyond fixing! After a morning spent under the hood/car, he finally traced the issue to a transmission fluid leak, which was being caused by a faulty CV Joint that had been installed at Pep Boys just 6 weeks earlier. It is unclear whether Pep Boys installed it wrong, or if the new part was defective, but either way it ended up being covered under warranty, which saved me a potentially expensive repair bill.

Now on the morning the car died, I had texted my client to let him know, and warn him I may have to rearrange my work schedule if I was without a car. As a devout Christian, he told me he would pray for me to receive a quick and inexpensive answer to my car repair woes. Although I am an atheist, I appreciated the sentiment.

Pep Boys managed to get my car finished in a day, and I was able to pick my car back up a few hours before I was scheduled to work. Talk about my luck looking up! I even had time to have a delicious brunch at Angie’s Restaurant with Dad & Pam. I headed to work in a good mood and with a happy belly!

My client wasn’t home when I arrived at his house and started cleaning. When he pulled up and saw my car in the driveway, he came in the house and called up the stairs to me, “Prayer answered!”, referring to his recent promise to pray for my car troubles.

I couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiastic faith and good intentions… but the atheist in me, who credits my Dad for my good fortune since he found the Pep Boys error, couldn’t help but have the sacrilegious (but oh so funny) thought:

So does this mean my Dad is God?