My Cat-tastrophic Life!

I think it would be fair to call me a “crazy cat lady”! I consider myself a bit of a cat-whisperer, and over the last 5 years I have taken it upon myself to become the caretaker of the feral cat colony in my neighborhood. I have taken in many cats during that time, and have domesticated and found homes for most of them. Some of them are a little too wild to be indoor cats, so I had them vaccinated and sterilized under Wake County’s TNVR Program, and released them back to the colony.

I currently have three cats of my own, and I have decided three is definitely plenty to have in my house at one time. One summer I took in two litters at once and had a total of 11 cats in my home… I thought I would go crazy! But I’ll never give cats up completely; they are a constant source of entertainment for me, and I love the “cat-tastrophe” they have made of my life!